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Book Trailer for The Dragon Keeper

If I were very clever, or even moderately clever, I think I'd know a better way to link to this. 

For now, I'll go with simple.  Here is a link that will take you to YouTube and the site for Sabotage & Dialogue.  That's the small production company I've been working with in my first efforts to creat a book trailer for one of my own books.

I am emerging from this experience with a much greater amount of respect for people who make videos and movies.  I've come to realize that this creative process is far more complicated than writing.  With a book, it's me and the keyboard, and an unlimited budget for special effects.  You want dragons the size of construction cranes?  Sure.  Gimme a paragraph, and they're all yours.

But with a camera and a soundtrack . . . whoah.  Whole different thing.

This has been a steep learning curve for me, so be kind.  Anything you like, put that down to cooler and more experienced heads prevailing!  Anything a bit bumpy, well, that's probably me driving from the back seat!

And all in all, we had a lot of fun doing this.  And it couldn't have been too bad for S & D, because Kat says that yes, they'd be willing to do another book video.  Even with me!

Hope you enjoy this, my first effort to make images that match what I see in my mind!


Tags: book trailer, the dragon keeper
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