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Robin Hobb

Back to the Rain Wilds again

Another busy day.  I have writing to do, weeding to do, a house to tidy and an airport run to make.

So, of course, I'm here, doodling around when I should be working!

As you may have noticed, I've changed the userpic for the journal.  The above shot is from the book trailer for The Dragon Keeper.  It's a closeup of Thymara.  Makeup is by Cast of Thousands, operated by Tacoma artist Tim Peirson.  I've been very impressed with his work, and he has been a pleasure to work with.  There will be more on this later when the trailer is completed and uploaded.  For now, I will add only that I was incensed by a chance remark:  "You can't do film in Tacoma. There's no talent pool." 


So, the book trailer is definitely a very Tacoman production, featuring Tacoma talent exclusively. Not that I have anything against Seattle or Olympia or any other pool of talent.  I think that creative people everywhere ought to be given a chance to succeed.  I especially enjoy, however, working with local people on things like this.

Progress on The Dragon Keeper?  It will come out from Voyager in the UK and  Australia in late June, early July.  I'm also now scheduled to do a book tour of the UK from July 4 to July 12. And I'll be spending an extra week afterwards just to wander around London a bit and see the sights.  Scroll down slowly and with great pleasure, enjoying the scenery along the way, to see Jackie Morris' cover art for The Dragon Keeper.

Dragon Haven, the concluding volume, has been turned in, but not yet edited. At the current time, I'm working on a story collection that is due December 2009, and on a longish story for the anthology Star Crossed Lovers, edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois.

More later, and in a more timely fashion.

It has come to my attention that I am apparently 'twittering.'

Heads will roll!


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