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Well, I am safely arrived in my London hotel and I’ve even paid back a bit of my sleep debt from this crazy week. I’m now ready for adventure!

For a detailed listing of bookstores that I’ll be visiting click on the appearances tab at the top of my home page to see where I’ll be reading and signing books.

For specific information on where I will be during Loncon3, please visit their page at

Here is the quick reference to find me in the UK!

August 9, 1 PM Waterstones Reading Oracle, 12 Holy Brook Mall, The Oracle, RG1 2AQ Signing
August 9, 7 PM Waterstones Birmingham, 128 New Street, Birmingham B2 4DB Reading and Signing

August 10 1PM Waterstones Sheffield, 24-26 Orchard Square, Sheffield S1 2FB Signing
August 10 6PM Waterstones Liverpool One, 12 College Lane, L1 3DL SOLD OUT (see note below)

August 11, 7PM Waterstones York, 15 Coney Street, York Y01 9QL SOLD OUT (see note below)

August 12 6PM Forbidden Planet, London

August 13 LONCON 3

August 14 LONCON 3 Panels: 1:30 PM The Changing Face of the Urban Fantastic
4:30 PM What’s In A Name?

August 15 LONCON 3 Panels: 1:30 Fantasy and Medievalism
5:00 Kaffeeklasch
6:00 Liveship Trading: Fantasy Economies

August 16 LONCON 3 9:00 AM Morning Stroll!
Workshop 11:00 Children’s Writing: Right Here, Write Now!
3:00 Worldbuilding
6:00 I Before They Except after You (point of view)

August 17 LONCON 3 Panels 11:00 Food Politics
1:30 Keynote Interview
5:00 Signing

August 18 LONCON 3 Reading 10:00
Panel 1:30 When Assassin Didn’t Need To Be Hooded

August 19 The George RR Martin and Robin Hobb Interview with Jane Johnson
Freemasons Hall, 60 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ

Some of the bookstore events are sold out. If you could not get a ticket, or have to work, you can still get a book personalized to you. Contact the bookstore and pre-order the book, paying for it. Then request the dedication you want in the book. I will sign and personalize the book for you to pick up later. And if you just want a signed book, that’s even easier. I will be leaving signed stock at the bookstores for readers to buy in the following days.

If you could not get tickets to my chat with GRRM at the Freemasons Hall, you can still enjoy
it, live, no matter where you live. BlinkBox Books will be livestreaming it from their Facebook. That’s an important detail. Not their website, their FACEBOOK. Details are here:

That’s all for now!


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